A Literary Analysis

Adventures with Vikings

A Literary Analysis by Madeline

A.  Citation

Bailey, Linda. The Vikings. Toronto: Kids Can Press Ltd, 2001.

B. Reliability

I know that this author is a reliable source because the publisher is Canadian and has an award-winning list of over five hundred fantastic picture books! This book is also part of a series called Good Times Travel Agency

C. Category

This outstanding nonfiction book can be categorized as following a chronological and main character pattern Part of the book is based on a time sequence and the other half is based on courageous characters. For example, “aroundeight hundred AD the people in this area…” or, “ Welcome to theage of the Vikings!!”  “ these are a few examples of the time frame in the book. The main characters – Josh, Emma, Libby, and Julian – go on a vacation to the time of the Vikings and explore the harsh climates, the secrets and the responsibilities of that era.

D. Short Annotation

The amazing non-fiction book is based on true facts about the Vikings and their culture!!

E. Point of view

This book is written from the second person point of view.

  • You have travelled back a thousand years to a part of northern Europe.”
  • If you have a free moment, drop in on a Viking family.”

F. Tense

The Vikings are in the past, in history, but this book is written in the present tense.

  • “being a jarlis great…”

G. Literary excellence: Alliteration

  •  “ a Vikings is a farmer-with-a-fishing-boat-…” (13).
  •  “… men may…”
  • “… fisherman-with-a-farm” (13).
  • “…-with-fishing-boats-and-farms” (13).
  • “… find a feather…” (15).
  • “… more meat…” (17).
  • “…master and mistress…” (16).

H. Connection

I can connect to this nonfiction book because the family life of the Vikings was much like my own today. The Vikings all helped out to clean, cook, and do the laundry. My family takes turns with household duties, too!

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