More Stories of Life


        From reading all different sorts of stories that were set all over the world, I have learnt that all people experience both hardships and joys in life. For example, in the story An Adventure in Venice, I have learned that life is not always fair, not even on a vacation; Zoe, a little girl, loses her dog Mickey while in Italy. In A Faraway Island and A Night Divided, I have observed that when life is tough, people have to be brave; in the first novel, two Jewish sisters are sent from Austria to Sweden because of World War 2 and in the second novel, Gerta’s family gets divided overnight by the Berlin Wall in Germany. In Little Red Riding Hood, I noticed that sometimes not following directions can get a person into danger; Little Red Riding Hood on the way to visit her sick grandmother does not obey her mother and is endangered by a wolf. In Desmond and the Very Mean Word, I saw that hurting someone’s feelings is very unkind; some boys shout a very mean word at Desmond which turns his happiness and joy into sadness and anger.  In Good Morning China, I discovered that almost everyone has some kind of special activity that makes them happy; in China, some children play basketball in the morning and other children water the plants. Overall, I have learnt a lot of amazing things about life! – Avneet in grade 6


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