Real Life in Books

READ AROUND THE WORLD: A Reflection by Gurnoor in Grade 6

                From books, I have learned about real life. The Human Body taught me much about myself! I learned that if you are very sick for more than a week and not feeling any better, it is a wise choice to go to the doctor and get a check up. Two books about Canada, Nunavut and Yukon informed me about two of our territories. I discovered that in Nunavut, the traditional flower is the purple saxifrage, and in the Yukon, the official bird is the raven. A book about a famous Canadian, Roberta Bondar, showed me that determination can lead to outstanding results. I learned that Roberta Bondar went into space in 1992 for the first time, and the she studied neurology: disorders of the nervous system, the eyes and inner ear. Finally, Malala and Iqbal taught me about courage. I read that Malala and Iqbal both stood up for the good and fought for two really important things, the education of girls and the ending of slavery, which has inspired me to become a lawyer. Reading nonfiction books has greatly improved my understanding of real life.

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