Everyday ups and downs…

Change is the rule of nature. Changes occur naturally and constantly. Weather, animals and plants all are continually changing as well as any human’s mood, growth and knowledge. Mood is the part of a human that changes the most. Mood also depends on what environment and surroundings you are in. For example, if you are with friends and it is sunny outside, you are most likely to be in a happy mood. 

As far as I know myself, I can say that I am not a moody person. Even so, many things can affect my mood. Things like riding a bike, eating delicious food, playing fun games or watching TV help me get in a happy mood, but things like staying inside, eating the food I do not like over and over again or playing a game over and over again or when someone (like my sister) keeps bothering me, can get me in a bad or unhappy mood. 

As for today, I woke up in a lazy mood, as usual. It took a while, but when I said good morning to my mom, it really cheered me up. After my mom made breakfast for me, she made an omelette, a bagel, milk and a handful of nuts. She tried to make a smile with the omelette and bagel. It turned out to be eyebrows with a smile. It really encouraged me to eat it. 

Then as I opened the MacBook, I went back into my lazy mood, because I did not want to work. Instead I wanted to play. But when I saw an email that said I got 92% on a math review test – the second best score in the whole class – I was on cloud nine. I was blown away! My mom was extremely happy with my results. That really changed my mood. I was really motivated and finished all my work very quickly. 

Now, I am in a great mood. So moods keep on changing with different events, days, and expectations.  – Gurshaan in grade 6

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