Brouwer, Sigmund

Sigmund Brouwer

Lightning on Ice Series
Rebel Glory (AR 4.6)
All-Star Pride (AR 4.9)
Thunderbird Spirit (AR 4.4)
Winter Hawk Star (AR 4.4)
Blazer Drive (AR 3.8)
Chief Honor (AR 3.9)

Short Cuts Extreme Sports Series
Snowboarding …to the Extreme: Rippin’ (AR 3.3)
Mountain Biking…to the Extreme – Cliff Dive (AR 3.4)
Skydiving…to the Extreme – Chute Roll (AR 3.4)
Scuba Diving…to the Extreme – Off the Wall (AR 3.6)

Sports Mystery Series
Cobra Threat: Football
Maverick Mania: Soccer
Scarlet Thunder: Racing (AR 4.5)
Tiger Heat: Baseball
Titan Clash: Basketball
Hurricane Power: Track (AR 3.7)

Orca Echoes
Timberwolf Chase (AR 3.0)
Timberwolf Revenge
Timberwolf Hunt
Timberwolf Trap
Timberwolf Challenge
Timberwolf Tracks
Timberwolf Prey

The Accidental Detective series:
Lost Beneath Manhattan (AR 4.3)
The Disappearing Jewel of Madasgascar (AR 4.7)
The Missing Map of Pirate’s Haven (AR 4.8)
Creature of the Mists (AR 4.8)
Race for the Park Street Treasure (AR 4.6)
Sunrise at the Mayan Temple (AR 4.9)
The Downtown Desperadoes (AR 4.7)
Short Cuts (AR 5.9)

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