Colfer, Eoin

Artemis Fowl Series:
Artemis Fowl (AR 3.6)
The Arctic Incident
(AR 5.0)
The Eternity Code
(AR 5.0)
The Opal Deception
(AR 5.7)
The Lost Colony
(AR 5.3)
The Time Paradox
(AR 5.6)
The Atlantis Complex
The Last Guardian
These stories are also being published as graphic novels.

Other Books:
Airman (AR 5.8)
Benny and Babe
(AR 4.4)
Benny and Omar
(AR 4.0)
Half-moon Investigations (AR 4.2)
The Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth
The Legend of Spud Murphy
(AR 3.8)
The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World
The Supernaturalist
(AR 4.8)
The Wish List
(AR 4.0)

Eoin (pronounced ‘Owen’) Colfer was born in Wexford, Ireland in 1965. His father was a teacher, his mother was a teacher and when he grew up, he became a teacher. But since 2001, he has been a full-time writer.

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Your Reviews!

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (Hyperion Books 2002) is a story about a boy named Artemis Fowl who is not a sporty boy. He is more intelligent than some of the greatest scientists in the world, but he is also a criminal mastermind who spends most of the money he gets on rescue missions for his missing father. But when Artemis gets an unexpected e-mail from Russia containing proof that his father is still alive and being held captive by the Russian Mafia, he faces a dilemma: either try to rescue his father and risk being killed or get help from the fairy people he robbed. In the end, Artemis gets help from the fairies and successfully rescues his father.(Caleb in grade eight)

Artemis Fowl 1 (Scholastic Publishing 2001) is a story of a boy named Artemis Fowl who loses his dad when the ship that his father is on sinks. Having lived in a rich family, Artemis has to find the expenses to pay for his house and survival searches. To pay for the expenses, Artemis takes to a life of crime. When Artemis steals fairy gold, the fairies are determined to get it back and Artemis faces a dilemma: either gives back the fairy gold or risk being killed. In the end, Artemis decides to keep the fairy gold and find a way to dodge the blue rinse, a bomb that only kills living things. After Artemis escapes the blue rinse, the fairies have to leave because the fairy rulebook says that whenever a human keeps fairy gold for a day, it is theirs. (Caleb in grade eight)

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox made me see life differently. It made me realize that each person has a different lifestyle and a different culture. In the story, the main character has to go back in time and save a lemur he had pushed to extinction. In reading this book, I have realized that things like the black market and other crime-linked stuff are real. There actually are people who hate animals and kill them until they are extinct. As you can see, Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox is a good book that I suggest for anyone who wants a good story. (Caleb in grade eight)

Fletcher Moon, in Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer, is nicknamed Halfmoon for his shortness. He was the top graduate in his online detective class. When he is attacked by a mysterious person and blamed for lighting a costume on fire, he must solve the case and prove his innocence. The introduction may be bland, but once the mystery begins, you’ve got a good story in your hands! (Andy in gr. 7)


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