Hunter, Erin


1. Into the Wild (AR 5.6)
2. Fire and Ice
(AR 5.4)
3. Forest of Secrets (AR 5.8)
4. Rising Storm (AR 6.1)
5. A Dangerous Path (AR 5.9)
6. The Darkest Hour (AR 6.3)

1. Midnight (AR 6.0)
2. Moonrise (AR 5.8)
3. Dawn (AR 5.1)
4. Starlight (AR 5.9)
5. Twilight (AR 5.5)
6. Sunset (AR 5.5)

1. The Sight (AR 4.9)
2. Dark River (AR 4.3)
3. Outcast (AR 5.4)
4. Eclipse (AR 4.3)
5. Long Shadows (AR 5.3)

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Your Responses and Reviews!

Hunter, Erin. The Darkest Hour. New York: HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2004.
This book is good for kids ten and older. Firestar is now leader of Thunderclan. He was made leader at the right time because the forest is in trouble and only Firestar can save them. Bloodclan wants the forest. They will fight the forest cats for the right to the forest. And they will probably win. Firestar knows and accepts this and will fight any way.Will he and the other clans win the battle? Will they drive off Bloodclan? Will Firestar survive? Read and find out.

I recently read a great book called Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. The main character, Rusty or Firepaw, lives with Humans (a.k.a. Twolegs) until a group of cats in clans invites him to join them in the wild. But he faces a dilemma, not only with the other clans but those from his own group. There are all sorts of complications: a vicious warrior, complicated decisions involving the safety of a dear friend, and the safety of all the forest hangs in the balance. At the end, Firepaw chooses to fight for his clan, risking his young life to save his friend. I can tell you that this novel was one of the most suspenseful and intriguing novels I’ve read in a long time. (Miranda)

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