MacHale, D.J.

The Merchant of Death

The Lost City of Faar

I read The Lost City by D.J. MacHale ( published by Simon and Schuuster 2003 New York). I vividly saw the lost city, the people tending to under water farms, farms on boats, the colourful fish in unknown waters, the aquatic paradise called Coral, inhabited by high-tech people that can breath underwater with a simple plastic-like bubble. Everything is perfect. That is of course before Saint Dane sticks his nose into it. In this emotional book I felt fear, confidence, awe, and utter defeat. The author pointed out to me you should never give up even if it seems utterly hopeless because there is always a possibility of defeating evil. (Donovan in grade eight)

The Never War

The Reality Bug

Black Water

The Rivers of Zadaa

The Quillan Games

The Pilgrims of Rayne

Raven Rise

The Soldiers of Halla

Matthew read the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale and responded to this question: What pictures are being created in my mind by the words in the novel?
“…lots! If I had to give you every picture in my head, I wouldn’t have enough space! The scariest scene is when Mark and Courtney go to earth’s flue or portal and Saint Dane, a bad guy, says, ‘Give this to Pendragon’ and throws a bag containing a human hand. I imagine that it is like meeting Jason, that guy from horror movies, in an abandoned eerie subway and seeing a dislodged hand roll out of a bag.
“Another vivid scene is when Bobby is on the planet Eelong, walks through a dense jungle and a giant raptor-like creature jumps out of a tree and chases him. It reminds me of the scene in the Jurassic Park movie when the doctor is chased by a T-Rex.
“When I read the third book, The Never War, I read about Bobby being trapped in a burning room. I picture people waiting to be rescued by firemen, except that no firemen are coming to save Bobby and his friend Gunny.
“When I read The Lost City of Fear, Bobby was in a submarine looking for his Uncle Press and hoping that he would not, instead, find his uncle’s watery grave. That part reminded me of a scared child looking for his father.”

Michael, in grade six, is reading the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale. Bobby, he said, get his sense of belonging from being part of his family, from knowing his mom and dad, sister and dog, all care for him. He gets his sense of achievement from begin “fairly good at schoolwork” and “very good at basketball” and from working to reach his goal of rescuing the people he loves, the planet and “lots of other planets, too.”

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