Pearson, Kit


The Guests of War Trilogy
The Sky is Falling (AR 5.2)
Looking at the Moon (AR 4.8)
The Lights Go on Again (AR 4.4)

Individual Novels:
Awake and Dreaming (AR 4.3)
The Daring Game (AR 5.5)
A Handful of Time (AR 4.8)
A Perfect Gentle Knight
Whispers of War (AR 5.5)

Short stories by Kit Pearson are found in these books:
The Unseen: Scary Stories (AR 5.1)
A Season for Miracles

A picture book:
The Singing Basket (AR 3.3)

Kit Pearson was born in Edmonton, Alberta on April 30, 1947.

To learn more about Kit Pearson and her books, visit her website: <>

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