Whelan, Gloria

Read historical novels about girls who overcome great challenges!

Burying the Sun (AR 5.6)
What if you had to save your family and friends in the middle of a war?

The Impossible Journey (AR 5.2)
What if your parents disappeared and your only hope for survival was in the wilderness?

Chu Ju’s House (AR 5.2)
What if you had to leave home and fend for yourself in order to save your baby sister?

Homeless Bird (AR 5.3)
What if you had to get married against your will?

Listening for Lions (AR 5.7)
What if you had to leave your home in Africa and go alone to England?

Summer of the War
What if your cousin comes to live with you and soon everyone prefers her?

The Disappeared
What if you are trying to save your brother who has been kidnapped?
What will you do if the kidnappers are part of the 1970s government in Argentina?

The Locked Garden
What if your mother died and you had to live with an unkind aunt?

Forgive the River, Forgive the Sky
What if your father died and you had to move away from the home you loved?

That Wild Berries Should Grow (AR 5.0)
What if you had to go live in the country with relatives you hardly knew?

Learn more about Gloria Whelan and her books by visiting her website: <http://www.gloriawhelan.com>

Your Reviews and Comments!

Listening for Lions, a heart-holding novel by Gloria Whelan, is sure to make a few cold tears trickle down your cheeks.  The scorching plains of Africa are the only home a twelve year-old white girl, Rachel, has ever known. Both of her loving parents were missionaries who grew up in England as orphans. But when both unexpectedly die from the horrible influenza, their hospital is forced to close down. For Rachel, who has become a poor sad orphan, this is the worst thing that could ever happen. On top of that, now she is forced to leave her amazing Africa because of the cold-hearted Pritchards who were scheduled to go see their dying grandfather in England and hopefully get some of his massive fortune. But their red-haired daughter has also died from influenza and so they send red-haired Rachel far away from the land she loves to bone-chilling England to take part in their scheme.
After Grandfather and Rachel tie a loving bond, will Rachel break it by telling him the horrendous truth? Will the evil Pritchards get grandfather’s fortune or will Rachel? What about Africa and Rachel’s parents’ torn-down hospital?  You will have to find out by reading Listening For Lions. (Jordyn in grade eight)

I loved Homeless Bird; it was an amazing book! Gloria Whelan is my favourite author. If any new books come into the library by her, please let me know! (Maya in gr. 6)

Hi Ms. Rosen,
Have you read That Wild Berries Should Grow?. If you have, what did you think of it?
[Yes, I’ve read it, but it wasn’t my favourite. Whelan’s strength, in my opinion, is her ability to write about girls living on other continents. So this one, set in the U.S., is enjoyable but feels a little mild in comparison to her novels about girls facing more difficult circumstances.
Having said that, I still thought it was quietly enjoyable.
For a more exciting novel about a girl going to live with a grandmother, try this one:

Becoming Naomi Leon‘ by Pam Munoz Ryan
For a quietly happy novel about a girl going to live with a grandmother, try this one:

Becca At Sea‘ by Deirde Baker]

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