Wilson, Eric

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If you are looking for a mysterious novel that is a quick to read, you might like to pick up Red River Ransom. When Tom Austin hears that his dad’s police group is head of security for a movie shoot starring Johnny Lombardo in “Kid Gangster”, he cannot believe his ears, and he can’t believe his eyes either when he sees the executive jet touch down at the Winnipeg airport; he has been a Lombardo fan for most of his life. A few days later, when Tom is on duty, stopping traffic so people can walk across the street, Sally comes along. Tom stops a speeding car a little too late, it skids to a stop on the icy Manitoban pavement, and Tom witnesses the kidnapping of Sally by the driver of that car. The kidnapper is eventually caught, but not before the chase takes Tom all the way to Ontario. Read this book (Scholastic, 1976) and then enjoy reading the other books in this fast-paced series by Eric Wilson. (grade 7)

I read this book called Terror in Winnipeg by Eric Wilson. Dianna gets kidnapped. Her dad has a factory and it is destroying the water, so the Demons are against him. They kidnap Dianna. Tom is solving the mystery and finds out that his teacher’s friend, Mrs. Ashmeade, is in the Demons. Tom has already been suspecting her because he was almost kidnapped and he has heard a terrorist say “Lee” and Mrs. Ashmeade’s initials are L.A. At the end, she gets arrested and Dianna is safe. (Bhupinder in gr. 6)

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