City of Ember

If you liked The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau,
you might like these books, too . . .

Colfer, Eoin. The Supernaturalist. New York : Hyperion, 2004.
[Science fiction; Survival; Adventure and adventurers; City life; Orphans; Friendship]

Estes, Eleanor. The Tunnel of Hugsy Goode. Harcourt, 2003, c1972.
[Underground areas; Historical fiction; New York City; Adventure and adventurers]

Farmer, Nancy. The Ear, the Eye and the Arm. SCH, Jan 2012.
[Underground areas; Africa; Child labour; Kidnapping; Science fiction]

Farmer, Nancy. The Land of the Silver Apples. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2007.
Thirteen-year-old Jack, a bard-in-training in 8th-century Britain, sets out to rescue his younger sister Lucy and discovers an underground world . [Druids and druidism — Fiction; Saxons — Fiction; Mythology — Fiction]

Gordon, Roderick. Tunnels. Scholastic, 2008.
[Underground areas; England; London (Eng.); Archaeology; Adventure and adventurers; Fathers and sons]

Gordon, Roderick. Deeper. Scholastic, 2009.
[Underground areas; England; London (Eng.); Archaeology; Adventure and adventurers]

Gordon, Roderick. Freefall. Scholastic, 2010.
[Underground areas; England; London (Eng.); Archaeology; Adventure and adventurers; Civilization, Ancient]

Gordon, Roderick. Closer. Scholastic, 2011.
[Underground areas; England; London (Eng.); Archaeology; Adventure and adventurers]

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Hidden. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks 2000, c1998.
[Family life; Fear; Government; Science fiction]

Hartnett, Sonya. Thursday’s Child. Candlewick Press, 2003.
[Underground areas; Poverty; Historical fiction; Australia; Brothers and sisters; Farm life; Family life]

Lewis, C.S. The Silver Chair. HarperTrophy, 1994, c1953.
[Underground areas; Fantasy fiction; England; Kidnapping; Princes; Adventure and adventurers]

Lowry, Lois. The Giver. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1993.
[Science fiction; Freedom; Dictators; Secrets; Newbery Medal; Self-perception]

Macaulay, David. Underground. Houghton Mifflin, 1976.
[Underground construction; Cities and towns]

MacGregor, Roy. Murder at the Winter Games. M&S Paperback Original, 2004.
[Underground areas; Hockey; Utah; Mystery and detective stories]

McNaughton, Janet.  The Secret Under My Skin. Toronto : HarperCollins, 2000.
[Science fiction; Orphans; Books and reading; Environmental degradation]

Philbrick, Rodman. The Last Book in the Universe. New York: Blue Sky Press, 2000.

Spaz has heard about a world with books, but he has never seen one.  In his world, people use mindprobes, needles which shoot pictures straight into your mind and let you escape the grey misery of life. But then he meets an old man, Ryter, and learns the power of stories.  For readers who liked The Hunger Games or Fahrenheit 451, this thoughtful but easy-to-read novel. [Science fiction; Fathers and sons; Adventure and adventurers; Epilepsy; Books and reading]

Riordan, Rick. The Battle of the Labyrinth. Hyperion Books for Children, 2008.
[Underground areas; Mythology, Greek; Fantasy fiction; Adventure and adventurers]

Shusterman, Neal. Downsiders. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1999.
[Science fiction; Underground areas; New York City; Secrets]

Stead, Rebecca. First Light. Wendy Lamb Books, 2007.
Twelve-year-old Peter travels on a scientific expedition with his parents from New York City to Greenland where he unexpectedly stumbles upon an undergroundcivilization. Meanwhile, independent-minded Thea lives in that civilization which has almost forgotten a world above ground exists. What will happen when the two adventurers meet? [Science fiction; Adventure and adventurers; Greenland; Polar regions; Extreme environments; Secrets]

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