Percy Jackson

If you liked . . .
Percy Jackson and the Olympians,
you might like these series, too!

Chronicles of Prydain
Lloyd Alexander  (American)
The Book of Three (AR 5.3)
The Black Cauldron (AR 5.2)
The Castle of Llyr (AR 5.4)
Taran Wanderer (AR 6.2)
The High King (AR 6.1)

The Dark is Rising
Susan Cooper (British)
Over Sea, Under Stone (AR 5.4)
The Dark is Rising (AR 6.2)
Greenwitch (AR 5.3)
The Grey King (AR 6.2)
Silver on the Tree (AR 6.0)

Alex Rider
Anthony Horowitz  (British)
Stormbreaker (AR 5.1)
Point Blanc (AR 4.8)
Skeleton Key (AR 4.9)
Eagle Strike (AR 5.1)
Scorpia (AR 5.0)
Ark Angel (AR 5.0)
Snakehead (AR 5.0)

The Gatekeepers
Anthony Horowitz  (British)
Raven’s Gate (AR 4.4)
Evil Star
(AR 4.7)

Nightrise (AR 4.7)

Wheel of Time
Robert Jordan  (American)
To the Blight (AR 5.7)
From the Two Rivers (AR 5.7)
The Great Hunt (AR 5.5)
The Dragon Reborn (AR 5.8)
The Shadow Rising (AR 5.9)

D.J. MacHale  (American)
Merchant of Death (AR 5.0)
The Lost City of Fear (AR 4.9)
The Never War (AR 4.4)
The Reality Bug (AR 4.5)
Black Water
(AR 4.6)

The Rivers of Zadaa (AR 4.5)
The Quillan Games (AR 4.7)
The Pilgrims of Rayne (AR 4.3)
Raven Rise (AR 4.4)
The Soldiers of Halla

Keys to the Kingdom
Garth Nix (Australian)
Mister Monday (AR 5.9)
Grim Tuesday (AR 6.0)
Drowned Wednesday (AR 5.9)
Sir Thursday (AR 6.5)
Lady Friday (AR 6.0)
Superior Saturday (AR 6.1)
Lord Sunday

Septimus Heap
Angie Sage  (British)
Magyk (AR 6.0)
Flyte (AR 6.0)
Physik (AR 6.5)
Queste (AR 5.8)

More Books!

In the book The Necromancer by Michael Scott (Delacorte Press, 2010) one of the main characters, Sophie Newman, experiences a lot of emotions in this book. Sometimes I also feel those emotions. For example, like Sophie, I have felt relieved after discovering something did not need to be feared. When Sophie figured out the Witch of Endor’s memories weren’t going to take over her memories, she felt so relieved. Well, once when I was young, I got so worried that my mom would figure out that it was actually me who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, I even lost sleep over it. But one day my mom told me she knew and said it was okay, that it was just a cookie. I felt so relieved that my mom was not going to get mad at me, I ran into my room and shouted, “Hallelujah!” Another time I felt the same as Sophie was when she felt betrayed because her brother Josh left her and went with Dr. John Dee, who was trying to take over the world. I too have felt like that, well of course when I felt betrayed it wasn’t about something as serious. I felt betrayed once when one of my friends started hanging out with someone else and started ignoring me and said that she didn’t want to be my friend. I felt so heart-broken and betrayed. The Necromancer is an altogether amazing book.  (Tina in grade eight)

Park, Linda Sue. Archer’s Quest. Clarion, 2006.
Twelve-year-old Kevin helps a legendary king of ancient Korea return to his own time in this fantasy novel that will be enjoyed by fans of King Arthur and Percy Jackson stories. (Korea; Magic; Korean Americans; Time travel; Kings, queens, rulers, etc.; Mathematics; Zodiac; Fathers and sons; Fantasy fiction)


Ruiz Zafon, Carlos. Prince of Mist.  New York : Little, Brown, 2010.
Thirteen-year-old Max Carver and his fifteen-year-old sister Alicia, along with their friend Roland, battle for their lives against an evil magician in a small seaside town during World War II. While not as compelling as The Midnight Palace, another novel by the same author, this story is nevertheless full of action and suspense and will be enjoyed by readers twelve to fourteen years old. (Historical fiction; Supernatural; Shipwrecks; Friendship; Moving, Household)

Newsome, Richard. The Billionaire’s Curse. Toronto: HarperCollins, 2009.
Thirteen-year-old Gerald Wilkins finds himself on a plane from Australia to England when his great-aunt dies. His parents think they will inherit her vast estate but it is Gerald who has unexpectedly acquired three vast estates and twenty billion pounds. He also has a killer on his trail. Along with two new friends, Ruby and Sam, he sets off to defeat an evil plot and solve an ancient puzzle. Quickly paced, this first book in The Archer Legacy is an entertaining novel for eleven to fourteen-year-old readers. Unfortunately, it has the usual uncaring parents and incompetent adults common to many adventure novels nowadays but all the action and the easy-to-read style will make it popular with adolescents who want a bit of mindless entertainment. (England, Mystery and detective stories, Murder; Diamonds; Inheritance and succession)

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