Natural Wonders

Our world is full of natural wonders!

Explore some through books!

Aliens Among Us

Van Tol, Alex. Aliens Among Us: Invasive Animals and Plants in British Columbia. Victoria, B.C.: Royal BC Museum, 2015.

An illustrated guide of more than 50 species of plants and animals found in B.C. From English ivy to Himalayan blackberry and from goldfish to rats, this entertaining and informative book is highly recommended for curious readers 9-years-old and up. 

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You can learn a lot about life from books. I learned some useful information from  Grand Canyon by Michelle Lomberg (New York: AV2 Weigl, 2013.). The Grand Canyon was made by erosion over a period of time of 6 million years. Did you know that the Grand Canyon has more than 20 different kinds of rock layers?  Or did you know that there used to be First Nations people living in the canyon and now their descendents are living just east of the canyon? Most importantly, I learned that there is too much pollution and there are too many tourists in the Grand Canyon, which is killing the wildlife’s habitat and destroying the canyon. Books are a great way to expand your general knowledge, to help you carry along facts that can help you in life. And this book is great one to read if you want to learn about one of the seven wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon. (Kayden in grade eight)

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