Reflecting on My Skills

Reflecting on My Skills for Success

1 = rarely    2 = sometimes      3 = often    4 = all the time

Please add comments to explain your response.


______ Regular attendance in class


_____ Arriving with all requested supplies


_____ Observing others to determine what I should be doing


_____ Voluntarily participating in lessons


_____ Setting aside distracting thoughts and emotions in order to focus on the lesson


_____ Using class time wisely while working on assignments


_____ Getting attention in appropriate ways


_____ Following verbal directions from the teacher


_____ Working willingly and cheerfully with anyone who is seated beside me


_____ Helping to keep the room tidy, especially at noon hour


_____ Using initiative to request extra help when needed


_____ Being willing to stay after school for help when needed


_____ Keeping up the energy to finish or improve assignments at home


_____ Completing assignments to the best of my ability


_____ Putting my name, date and division on every assignment


_____ Striving to go beyond the basic expectations to do work of exceptional quality


_____ Spending time reading to expand my background knowledge of subjects studied


_____ Spending time reading novels to let me experience life from different points of view


_____ Studying for tests


_____ Keeping my binder well-organized so I can quickly find needed papers


During the next term, I want to keep up all my great skills for success.  I want to improve my skills in these two areas:



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