Skills for Success

Do you have the skills needed for success in school?

Code your skill level:
What can you already do well?   (W)
Where do you want to improve?   (I)
Where do you need help?   (H)

Then discuss your self-assessment with some trusted adults.


____ noticing factors that would require a change in plans or routines
____ noticing social cues and accurately interpreting them
____ noticing how you are viewed by other people
____ noticing how your behaviour is affecting other people
____ understanding what other people say

____ following instructions during transitions; e.g. walking to P.E., switching subjects
____ adjusting to changes in rules, plans or routines
____ knowing what to do in unexpected or uncertain situations

____ doing things in the order you are supposed to do them
____ setting aside irritation and fear so that you can focus on your work
____ being able to think clearly about what to do even when you are frustrated
____ staying focused on finishing a task
____ keeping up the energy to finish tasks that are difficult or boring

____ thinking about the consequences before you do something
____ being able to see beyond black/white thinking
____ thinking about a variety of solutions for a problem, not just one
____ thinking about more than one idea at a time
____ avoiding inaccurate, inflexible thoughts; e.g. “No one likes me.” “I’m dumb.” “It isn’t fair.”

____ getting attention in appropriate ways
____ telling a teacher your thoughts, concerns or needs in words
____ starting conversations or joining groups of people in appropriate ways
____ showing understanding of other people’s points of view

Adapted by S. Rosen, 2010.

Lost at School
For more information, read Lost at School by Ross W. Greene (Scribner, 2008).

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