Weekly Reading Record

                                                                                Name and No. ______________

My Reading

Week of ___________ to ______________

____ My book response is attached.      ____ I did not write a book response.

Last name, First name. Title. City: Publisher, date. (category)

(Do not forget that the second line of a bibliographic entry is indented by three spaces.









Categories: novel (N), nonfiction (NF), picture book (P), folklore (F), browsing (B)

Writing a Book Response

There are many formats you may use.  The quality of your writing is far more important than the length of your response. Over the course of a term, it would be wise to use a variety of response forms in order to improve the range of your writing skills.

Click HERE for powerful yet super short responses.

Click HERE for short fiction responses.

Click HERE for short nonfiction responses.

Click HERE for longer personal responses.

Click HERE to learn how to analyze writing techniques in picture books.


Before you hand in your response, check the criteria:

1. tells  enough about the book  _____

2. includes five senses details ____

3. includes  figures of speech  _____

4. gives reasons to read the book   _____

5. uses correct English  ____

6. is neatly presented  _____

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