The Piano Recital

Miyakoshi, Akiko. The Piano Recital. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2019.
Nervousness. Momo is overwhelmed with nervousness. Will she be able to play the piano on stage in front of all those people? And then she spies a tiny door and follows a tiny mouse into a fantastical world of acrobats and orchestras and ballerinas all joyously performing in front of a vast audience. This magical story by an award-winning author and illustrator is recommended for young readers who face their own nervous moments.

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Willems, Mo. Because. New York: Hyperion Books For Children, 2019.

An encouraging story showing how we are all connected to each other, how one action by one person can lead to inspiration for others. Cheerful illustrations by Amber Ren help tell a story of Franz Schubert composing a symphony that leads to a young girl becoming a composer. The front endpaper shows Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 in B-Minor, while the back endpaper features Hilary Purrington’s The Cold, a piece composed especially for this picture book. The back flyleaf intriguingly relates the chain of events that led to the author’s and illustrator’s own careers.  A wonderful story for readers six to eleven-years-old, a discussion starter for teachers of middle school students. 

Listen to the The Cold and learn more about the creative ideas that led to this story HERE.

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