Alone Like Me

Evans, Rebecca. Alone Like Me. New York: Anne Schwartz Books, 2022.
Life is lonely for Liling when she moves to the city. Her parents have to take her along to their places of work, and she has to spend her days quietly not being noticed. When her father takes her to a park, she has to endure taunts from other children. But then she meets another lonely little girl and a gentle friendship begins. Set in China, this picture book shows what life is like for children who are not entitled to an education when they move from the place where they were born. A glossary and pronunciation guide are included, as well as an afterward telling more about life for children who move from rural to urban settings. Recommended for readers 6 to 11 years old.

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Summertime Sleepers

Stewart, Melissa. Summertime Sleepers: Animals that Estivate. Watertown, Massachusetts: Charlesbridge, 2021.
Some animals don’t go to sleep for the winter. Instead, they take a rest in the summer. They don’t hibernate. Instead, they estivate. Detailed illustrations in watercolor by Sarah S. Brannen accompany this informative picture book for kids up to 11 years old. Variously sized and styled fonts provide different levels of information from simple to more advanced. An extensive afterword provides additional facts and a list of sources for further research. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy factual books.

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One Summer Up North

Owen, John. One Summer Up North. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2020.
A family of three journeys by canoe into the wilderness of northern Minnesota. The happy family enjoys camping by a lake, catching fish, and gathering berries as they explore the beauty of nature in this wordless picture book for readers 6 to 10 years old.

While looking at a wordless book, ask…
1. “What’s going on in the picture?”
2. “What do I see that makes me say that?”
3. ”What more can I find?”

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Pendziwol, Jean E. Me and You and the Red Canoe. Toronto: Groundwood, 2017.
Early in the morning, two siblings make a fire and sit together, sipping hot chocolate. They gather their fishing gear, leave everyone else behind, and set off in a red canoe. Told in free verse and illustrated in acrylic on panel. Recommended for readers 7 to 14 years old. Useful, as well, for learning how to turn experiences into stories.  [Camping; Fishing; Summer; Canoes and canoeing] 

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Johnston, Tony. Trees. New York: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2021.
A gorgeous picture book, perfect for reading aloud to a group of children. The pages are large, 24 by 30 centimetres. The words are minimal, placed in the middle of illustrations designed to evoke an emotional response. An afterword lists the names of the trees depicted, a list of books and articles for further reading, and notes from both the author and illustrator. Beautifully designed, this new nonfiction book by a prolific writer is recommended for ages 4 to 10.

P.S. Teachers of older students might like to use this book as part of a cross-disciplinary study of science, art (drawing from different perspectives), and writing (using figures of speech).

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I’d Like to Be the Window for a Wise Old Dog

Stead, Philip. I’d Like to be the Window for a Wise Old Dog. New York: Doubleday Books for Young Readers, 2022.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else? Be something else?  What would it be like to bring joy to someone else? Bring safety to someone else? Not for fame but simply out of love. This wonderfully imaginative picture book is an extraordinary example of other-centredness. You can find endless lesson plans on empathy. Instead, read this book aloud. Then start a conversation.

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