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attentive to details
objective minded
subjective minded

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 I can still remember this girl from grade one who was really shy. I never heard her or saw her talking. Everyone thought she was handicapped. But she wasn’t. Once she was too shy to ask the teacher to go to the washroom, so she made a mistake. She couldn’t talk. Of course, she never put her hands up to volunteer, but she was also alwasys out of sight at breaktimes. She just could not explain or talk about her problems. She couldn’t. No one liked her, and no one would try to talk to her. Right now, if I think back, I think she was shy because it was the first year of elementary school, and she was just bit more shy than us.
On the second half of the school, she was fine, I think. I was amazed when I saw her talking and playing with her new friends. People who used to just ignore her, or had been mean to her, apologized to her and all was fine.
Several months later, when I was walking on a street with my mom, the girl came over and said “Hello.” That was the first time I’d heard her voice. I told my mom that she was the one who was in my class and who  never talked. It took time to convince my mom. She was amazed and said it was hard to believe. I laughed and told my mom that I am not a liar.
Well, anyway, the girl changed a lot during the winter break. But even if she was all fine, she moved, and that time when  I was walking, was the first and last to hear her voice. No one talked about her. No one thought about her. The memories were deep inside my head for a long time until now. I miss those days, and I wonder what would she be doing, and would I ever see her again…. (Eric in grade eight)

               I remember a time when my older sister was very talkative. It was right after she came back from camp. She came home and as soon as she got in the door, her mouth started moving and she didn’t stop talking until the next morning. It was getting very annoying. But she didn’t know that because nobody told her. Well, actually, nobody could tell because she wouldn’t stop blabbing!
Weeks later, she started talking about camp again but before she got very far into her stories, we told her to stop because we had heard those stories before and didn’t need to hear them again. Funnily, except for that one time, my older sister has always been a very quiet and shy girl. I wonder why going to camp suddenly made her talk so much? (Kiera in grade eight)

It was June 28, 2011 when I discovered a very defiant person. The sun was out as it was a nice day. The grass was green, as green as emeralds glistening under a vibrant light. My small black wiener dog was tied to a maple tree by a thin yellow rope. He was out there for nearly 20 minutes, barking his head off at the massive sheep dog across the street. He finally had enough. His tiny brain changed from “attack” to “I want to go back inside.” So he started to whimper despairingly. I heard him, went outside and untied him. My dog is not completely mindless. The moment he heard the “clicking” sound of his collar being unchained, he was gone. He booted it across the street, nearly killed by a car, and was now barking in the face of Oliver, a giant sheep dog. That blasted dog! I stormed over there and yelled at him. No response. I then tried to pick him up. That did not work because every time I tried to grab him he did a strange little hop and escaped. He was a defiant dog! After about 15 minutes, I finally tricked him by lying down and acting like I was seriously injured. That gullible little terror crept slowly up to me, and I had him. I sprung up and snatched him! Praise to the Lords I finally had him! I learned my lesson. Now I grab the little munchkin before I untie him because he definitely is a defiant dog! (Shane in grade eight)

I remember my sister’s cruel fish. We went to a pet store one day and bought two fish. My sister’s fish was bigger than mine, so we named hers Jumbo, and mine Tony. We always took care of them and fed them well.
One day, we went camping and we had to leave our fish. I was a little worried that they might starve to death, but had chosen the type of fish that lives the longest.  Anyway, we were having so much fun, we forgot all about our two fish that we had left all by themselves.
A few days later, we arrived home and I suddenly remembered our fish! I was questioning myself, “Did they starve to death?” “Are they still alive?” I immediately ran to the fish tank. Something was wrong. My sister’s fish Jumbo was still alive but where was Tony? I looked all around the tank. There was no sign of Tony. It was if he had never existed. This was a mystery to solve.
At the end, I cracked the mystery. I think that when we were camping, Jumbo was hungry and probably swallowed Tony because Jumbo was much bigger. I’m pretty sure my hypothesis is right because a fish can’t just disappear. My family agreed not to get another fish in the future. (Da Eun in grade eight)

I remember a boy in grade 2 who was very untrustworthy. When everyone was listening to a book read by the teacher, he would go to the cubby holes and take people’s lunches. Everyone’s lunches were disappearing! No one knew who it was. So every day when the teacher would read, this boy would go and dig in people’s lunches. One day, when she was reading, my friend and I heard something in the cubby hole area. We both went back there and found him. We told the teacher that the person taking our lunches was Keon. After that, she made him sit right beside her every time she read a story. A few weeks later, she gave him the choice to sit where ever he wanted. He chose to sit at the back of the class. While she was reading, he decided to go back to the cubby holes and take some more lunches. This time our teacher found him and sent him to our principal who gave him a big lecture on stealing and called his mom. After that day, he was not allowed to come in our class while we read a book.  Everyone was happy because our lunches were not being taken anymore. (Alice in grade eight)

Someone that I’ve known for a long time, a good friend, is very stubborn. When people want her to do something, she either pouts, argues, disagrees, or says, “Oh, come on!” It’s really annoying. I’m the one who deals with her irritating behaviour the most. But even though her attitude annoys me, I’m one of her best friends so I always tell myself, ”Don’t get mad at her; just let her do it her way.” And usually I do let her do things her way since she is so stubborn and aggressive. Other times, I try and reason with her. But then she gets annoyed and either whacks me with a book or starts a fight, which most of the time she wins.
One time when I asked her to do a favour, she said, “No.” When I asked why, she said, “No reason. I just don’t want to.” I talked with her, but she just wouldn’t give up her stubbornness. She even whacked me on the head with a book!
No one, it seems,  can find a way to get rid of her stubbornness except her parents. Nevertheless, I am still glad to have her as a friend. It makes life more interesting. (Vivian in grade eight)

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