Italian Renaissance

Why Did the Renaissance Start in Italy?

1. Read the notes.
2. Basic level: neatly copy them by hand.
3. Advanced level: turn them into illustrated notes. (Click HERE for ideas.)

1. Many mountains
–  fewer roads
– so those roads got lots of travellers
– those travellers bought things from towns along the way
2. Better roads than northern Europe
– Italian roads paved by ancient Romans
– northern Europe had muddy roads

3. Milder winters than northern Europe
– less or no snow
– easier to travel in winter
4. Warmer climate
– more fresh food all year round
– healthier diets
– do not have to work so hard to get food
– more free time
– more time to think about new ideas
– more time to create artwork
5. Large ports on the sea
– Venice and Genoa
– centres for trading of goods and ideas

6. Closer to Asia and Africa
– easier to trade with Arab world and India
– could make more money and use it to sponsor artists
– could gain new ideas and new knowledge
7. Better laws
– safer for sellers and buyers

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