Character Traits


Sometimes people talk about character traits as general qualities describing either fictional or real-life people. But those general qualities can be divided into two categories: personality traits and character traits.

Personality traits are are tendencies, or habits of behaviour, that show up at a very young age and seem to be inborn.

Character traits are habits of behaviour that are acquired. They are habits that are consciously or unconsciously developed over time. Character traits are the parts of you that you get to choose for yourself.  What traits will you choose?  What traits are you willing to practise? What traits do you hope to find in a friend?


Take a look at the list below. 

1. Which of the words describe how you, or a character in a book, has learned to behave?
2.  Which of the words describe qualities that are positive or healthy?
3. Which of the words describe qualities that are negative or unhealthy?
4. Which of the words describe neutral inborn personality traits that can become positive or negative?
5. What are some other words that could describe personality traits?
6. What are some other words that could describe character traits?



zestful                    friendly            independent
energetic                    vocal                aggressive
zealous                    vigilant            loyal
kicky                        dreamy            shy
jovial                        sharp                optimistic
boisterous                fun-loving            disorganized
bouncy                    cheerful            lighthearted
vibrant                    trusting            pessimistic
quirky                        pleasant             softhearted
melancholic                quiet                forceful
independent                talkative            curious
nutty                        fearful            trusting
light-hearted            creative            artistic
yielding                    observant            energetic
adventure-seeking        impetuous            steady
thoughtful                honest            persistent
hardhearted                dependable         assertive
innovative                    needy                 lazy
hardworking                inconsistent        flexible
wise                        brave                competent
meddling                    biting                faithful
lazy                        impulsive            courageous
disrespectful            neglectful        helpful
rowdy                        offensive            selfish
thick-headed                aimless            self-centred
malicious                    unethical             generous
belligerent                jealous             loving
ignorant                    merciless             careless
conceited                    irritable            responsible
considerate                logical                worried
organized                    upstanding        conscientious
efficient                    wise                prudent
tactful                    visionary            malicious
unbiased                    unethical            dishonest
immature                    judgmental        aimless
sneaky                    rebellious            moody
conceited                    aimless            biased
open-minded                respectful        hard-working
humble                    trustworthy        honest
kind                        efficient            wise

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