British versus Canadian

 Canadian and British English are sometimes different.


Canada: commercials
Britain: adverts

Canada: dessert
Britain: afters, sweet, pudding, dessert

Canada: linen closet
Britain: airing cupboard

Canada: rented garden plot
Britain: allotment

Canada: parka
Britain: anorak

Canada: argument
Britain: row  (rhymes with ‘cow’)

Canada: ballpoint pen
Britain: biro

Canada: sausage
Britain: banger

Canada: cookie
Britain: biscuit

Canada: hood (on a car)
Britain: bonnet

Canada: trunk (on a car)
Britain: boot

Canada: credit union
Britain: building society

Canada: angry
Britain: cross

Canada: one-storey house
Britain: bungalow

Canada: sandwich

Canada: trailer (for holidays)
Britain: caravan

Canada: ATM machine
Britain: cashpoint

 Canada: talk show
Britain: chat show

Canada: French fries
Britain: chips

Canada: chips
Britain: crisps

Canada: stove
Britain: cooker

Canada: crib
Britain: cot

Canada: daycare
Britain: creche (rhymes with ‘mesh’)

Canada: intersection
Britain: crossroads

Canada: valley
Britain: dale or valley

Canada: expensive
Britain: dear or expensive

Canada: draft or slight cool wind
Britain: draught (sounds the same as ‘draft’)

Canada: housecoat
Britain: dressing gown

Canada: garbage collector
Britain: dustman

Canada: couch or sofa
Britain: settee or couch or sofa

Canada: garbage dump
Britain:  tip

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