Practise Reading Strategies

Practise Using Reading Strategies
Use a newspaper or journal article for this assignment.

A. Look for reliability:

  • Is the author reliable and how do you know?
  • Is the publisher reliable and how do you know? 

B. Look at pictures, captions, headings and fonts:

  • What are some questions that the article might answer?
  • Hint: you are being asked to predict, but write your predictions as questions
  • Hint: questions start with what, where, when, why, who or how; they end with question marks. 

C. Read an article and summarize:

  • What are the main ideas?
  • What are the supporting details, or what is the evidence?
  • Hint: use the font and headings to help determine the various sections.
  • Hint: organize your information so it is easy to read.

D. Read an article and infer:

  • What is important to remember?
  • Why is it important?  What difference does it make in our world?
  • Hint: use your background knowledge and make connections.
  • Hint: write a paragraph with a topic sentence and at least 3 supporting sentences as evidence.

E. Read an article and analyze:

  • What reading strategies did you use to help you understand the article?
  • Hint: write the strategy, quote the passage where you used it, and explain how it helped.

F. Read an article, infer, and assess:

  • What do you think the author hopes you will learn from the article?
  • What clues revealed the purpose?
  • What was the effect of the article on you?  
  • Hint: remember that reading can entertain the mind, inform the mind, heal the heart and inspire you to become a better person.

PDF Assignment Sheet: Read to Understand the World

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