Dewey Decimal Survey

Term Two Independent Reading Project

Content: Dewey Decimal Survey

000s: Read 1 book
100s: Read 1 book
200s: Read 2 books about religions or myths
300s: Read 10 folktale or fairy tale books
400s: Read 2 books about the English language
500s: Read 3 books about math, space, chemistry, plants, or animals
600s: Read 2 books about technology, pets, or farming
700s: Read 2 books about sports, art, or music
800s: Read 1 poetry book and 6 novels
900s: Read 2 geography books, 2 history books, and 10 biographies
Bonus: include at least 10 aboriginal books

1. Before each entry, write the date.
2. Then write the Dewey Decimal number for your book.
3. Write a proper bibliographic entry.
4. Add 3 sentences about what you want to remember from your book.

An example:
Dewey Number: 813
Yelchin, Eugene. Breaking Stalin’s Nose. New York: Henry Holt, 2011.
I will remember how people constantly lived in fear during the 1940s and 1950s in the U.S.S.R. I will also remember how the main character, Sasha, wanted so desperately to make his father proud, how he tried so hard to appear perfect in the eyes of other people. Most of all, I will remember how he changed from a naïve child into a boy ready to face the realities of life in Stalinist Russia.

1. Glue these directions into your language notebook or keep them in your E.L.A. duotang.
2. Write your entries in pencil in your notebook.
3. Erase any errors you make, so you can do your upgrades right where you wrote your original entry.
4. Hand in your notebook every Monday morning to receive a weekly completion mark.

There are approximately 12 weeks in Term 2, so you should read 2 or 3 books per week. Remember that some of these books will be picture books, so this is not at all too hard for you to do.

Term Two Independent Reading Project

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