Journal Writing

Journal Entries

1. Choose a topic.

a. Choose a topic about which you feel some emotion.
b. Decide whether you want to write about an event, a place, a person, or an idea.
c. If you are having trouble thinking of a topic, ask your teacher for ideas.

2. Write in paragraph form.

a.    Indent.
b.    Start with a topic sentence.
c.    Stay in the same tense.
d.    Write in a conversational style.
e.    Conclude with an emotive sentence.

3.    Go back and proofread.

a.    Check that your paragraph has rhythm; e.g. parallel structure.
b.    Check that you have used powerful and precise words to describe your thoughts.
c.    Check spelling and punctuation.
d.    Check that your work is neatly written in blue or black ink.
e.    Make sure you have included the date and your full name and division.

Read some examples of powerful paragraphs!

Today, I feel uneasy. I guess I have a lot of things on my mind. After school, I have to go straight to my piano practice for my exam that I’m having later in the year. This will be my first year doing an exam. I’m so scared that the examiner will give me a low grade since I want to use the marks for credit in high school. At last year’s festival, the adjudicator gave me a low score and I think I should have got a higher mark. What if that happens on my exam? Oh well, I know what the adjudicator likes and doesn’t like. She doesn’t care if I play the wrong notes, but she likes to have the melody sound a tiny bit louder than the harmony. I know that I need to work harder right now, tonight, so I won’t be uneasy later. (Elissa in grade eight)

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