Surreal Poems

Surreal Poetry
– uses juxtaposition (unusual combinations)
– uses dislocation (objects in unexpected places)
– uses metamorphosis (objects change into other things)
– often uses correct grammar
– creates a fantasy scene that does not exist in reality


In an indigo office
timid computers perch laboriously
amidst anxious elephants
facing rejection,
dreaming of soaring above
white marshmallows.
                                    – Kalem


In bright shadows among empty halls
sharp feathers break bullet-proof windows,
while raging rhino-beetles
ooze through floating floorboards in a delicate mansion
atop inflated mountains.

Meanwhile, shady sunlight out in the atmosphere
shines upon a busy moon,
and noisy dwarves calmly exhale,
shooting back to their home planet, Pluto.
                            – Alyssa and Fallon


In the green sky,
enslaved lions wrestle their king,
while fearful yellow possums play on their phones,
hoping the mutant mahogany rhinos who are in charge
don’t tell the treacherous teacher on them.

On the green lava,
Russian monkeys try to win the surfing championship,
while magenta Canadian cougars defend their title,
in front of the mahogany gorillas,
who find the monkeys quite delicious with barbeque sauce.
                                                – Brad


Inside the doors of a raining library,
thirsty books saunter about,
crawling through black desert terrains of desperation.
They bawl blue page numbers
and endless lines of magenta words.
Dying books scream and wail
with parched crimson lips,
imagining cascading into fat pillows of wetness.
                                            – Ann

In the jungle of green,
the blue fish fly among the leaves
and the stars howl to the prowling wolves,
and the crying lovers tremble in the shadows.
                                – Madison


At the lavender seaside
black roses sway peacefully
while cold sunlight
cools indigo rabbits and
tickles scarlet daisies
beside magenta seagulls.

In the maroon house,
crimson tigers devour their lunch
while violet mice
toy with navy dogs and
jump on turquoise cats
lying by the lilac seashore.
                                – Juli and Iris

On hollow clouds,
empty eyes watch
as sinking moons deflate.
Forsaken shadows shroud the world
as scarlet stars flicker and run out of dreams.
Dry raindrops hope for sparks to fill their mindless souls.

In ancient soil,
emotions are drained from weeping trees,
leaving them as shriveled stems.
Flower petals bleed crimson colours
that stain abandoned skies.
Blazing thoughts are swallowed by darkness
before the sun can say hello.               – Sarah


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