Nutrition Project

Present a Project on Nutrition

A. Decide if you are going to work independently or with a partner.

  • If you are going to work with a partner, decide how you will divide up the responsibilities.

B. Make a schedule.

  • Divide the project into steps and set a completion date for each step, so you do not start to feel overwhelmed as the final due date approaches.

C. Collect your information.

  • 1. Include all the facts in this outline: Nutrition Facts Outline (PDF)
  • 2. Advanced: include additional facts from reliable sources such as those listed on this page: HERE
  • Make sure to include citations for your sources.


D. Decide how to present your information.

Remind yourself that the format does not affect your grade.  Ultimately, it will be the quality of your work that determines the grade of your project. Therefore, choose the format based on these criteria:

  • Do you have the necessary supplies to complete the project?
  • Do you have the necessary skills to do work of good quality?
  • Do you have the personality traits needed to make that format enjoyable?

E. Collect your supplies.

F. Prepare your project, keeping in mind the following criteria:

  •  1. Includes all the required information
  • 2. Is organized in a logical manner
  • 3. Is interesting to listen to if presented as a speech
  • 4. Is attractive to view if presented in a visual format
  • 5. Uses correct English

Here is an example: Nutrition Report by The Three Musketeers

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