Manners: An Evaluation

How well did you learn?

Knowledge (50%)
I know 10 examples of good manners.
I  know the order of priority for introductions and for going through doorways.
I know what to say when people give me a compliment.
I know how to gracefully compliment people.
I know how to show appreciation in five different ways.
I know how to apologize five different ways.
I know what to do when someone is unkind in my presence.
I know four different types of relationships.
I know 10 character traits needed in order to have a healthy relationship.
I know at least 5 signs to watch for when making friends.
Method: An objective test with fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and short answer questions.

Skill (30%)
I can demonstrate good manners in a little skit.
I can introduce people using the order of priority.
I am able to respond with grace when people compliment me.
I am able to gracefully offer compliments and show appreciation in various ways.
I am able to apologize in several different ways.
I am able to respectfully end unkind conversations.
Method: Observation by the teacher during demonstrations.

Attitude (10%)
I show interest and respect during CAPP lessons.
I think that it is important to show the traits needed for a healthy relationship.
Method: Observation by the teacher throughout school time.

Participation (10%)
I attend class lessons.
Method: Attendance taken by the teacher during CAPP lessons.

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