Emotional Needs

Part of growing up and becoming an adult is learning how to care of one’s own emotional needs in a healthy way.

Indigenous people of North America describe a circle of courage. Learn more HERE.

William Glasser, an American psychistrist, describes four emotional needs:

Healthy: We enjoy new experiences. We enjoy learning something new.
Unhealthy: I like finding new ways to be disrespectful.

Healthy: We choose to behave with good character.
Unhealthy: I can do whatever I want.

Healthy: We show appreciation of each other.
Unhealthy: I am special. Pay attention to me.

Healthy: We develop our talents and improve in our weak areas.
Unhealthy: I am more powerful than others.

Make a diagram showing how you take care of your emotional needs
in a healthy way:

1. Make four equal-sized categories. Use either the circle of courage or Glasser’s emotional needs.
2. Print neatly.
3. Draw straight lines.
4. Add colour.
5. Include at least 3 examples in each category.
e.g. Freedom: I volunteered to clean the whiteboards.
Achievement: I studied hard to do well on my math test.

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