Short Fiction Responses

Title by Author (publisher, copyright date) is the story of [main character] who [describe the setting]. Life changes for [Main character], [describe the character], when [tell what happens to cause a problem].  And now [s/he] must figure out what to do. [Explain what happens, and add your thoughts.]

I recently read a great book called Title by Author (publisher, copyright date). The main character, [name], lives in [describe the setting]. Life changes for [Main character], [describe the character], when [tell what happens to cause a problem].  And now [s/he] must figure out what to do. [Explain what happens.]  This novel is one of the most [an emotive adjective] stories I’ve read in a long time. I recommend it for [tell who would enjoy it].

There are many novels about [a topic].  There are many novels about [name another topic]. But Title by Author (publisher, copyright date) is unique. It [tell one unique feature of the story]. It is also [tell another unique feature of the story].  But what stands out to me the most is [tell what makes the story most special to you].  I recommend this novel for [age] to [age] year old looking for a [adjective] and [adjective] story about [topic].

 Title by Author (publisher, copyright date) is like a song that is memorable because of its tune. There is a rhythm to the writing that made me want to keep reading and reading. [Quote some examples of flowing sentences; don’t forget to include page numbers.] Alliteration made the writing keep flowing. [Quote some examples and give the page numbers.] Similes and metaphors added emphasis. [Quote some examples and give the page numbers.] I enjoyed the story of [briefly summarize the plot]. But what I enjoyed the most was the style of writing. Anyone who enjoys language will be sure to enjoy this novel for [age] to [age] year olds.


Have you ever felt [an emotion]? Have you ever felt [another emotion]. Then you’ll know how the main character feels in the novel Title by Author (publisher, copyright date). [Main character] is [repeat first emotion].  [Describe the cause of that emotion].  [S/he] is also [repeat second emotion].  [Describe the cause of that emotion]. What should [s/he] do?  What will [s/he] do? Read this [emotive adjective] novel to find out.

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Pierce knows what it’s like to die. In Abandon by Meg Cabot (Point, 2011), Pierce has died and come back. Though she tries to return to her normal life, Pierce knows that’s impossible. Now, she has moved to a new town for a fresh start. She goes to a new high school, meets new friends and helps some kids with a tradition. What could possibly go wrong? Just everything. Pierce can never stop worrying about the day when he’s going to bring her back, when he’s going to come and steal her from all the people she loves and take her back to the Underworld. Because even here, where Pierce is hoping for a new start, she is sure he will find her. She knows he wants to pass judgement on her, once and for all, and she knows how cruel he can be. But she just cannot stay away. Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back. (Tina)

Shay has always been different. She can never try out for sports, never go to parties, never fall in love because of the irregular and incurable blood that flows through her body. In Crave by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz (Simon & Schuster BFVR, 2010), Shay McGuire has been born with a mysterious and incurable blood disorder. Now, she can barely make it through three days of school without fainting. But that all changes when her doctor, Martin, who is also her stepfather, has a brand-new treatment that he thinks will change everything. As soon as this brand-new blood starts flowing in Shay’s body, she gets visions of a different life. In that life, she is faster, her senses are sharper and she can do anything without her blood getting in the way. The visions Shay sees are not her life, though, or her memories. They are Gabriel’s. When Shay sees her visions, she is inside Gabriel’s memories, experiencing everything he sees and feels. Now Shay must find out if Gabriel is real or not. Will Shay find out the truth? Or will her blood disorder take her first? Read this compelling novel to find out. (Tina)

A girl with two different coloured eyes, one as green as a lush forest and one as blue as the ocean. In Graceling by Kristin Cashore (Graphia, 2009), Katsa is the niece of the king and a Graceling, one of the rare people in her land born with an extrordinary skill. As the niece of the king, Katsa should be treated like royalty. She should live a life of privilege. But she is graced with skills in combat, so the king controls her as if she is his puppet. But that all changes when she meets Prince Po, who is also graced with skills in combat. Although Katsa has never thought that she would be friends with Po, she nevertheles sets out on an amazing journey with him to learn a new truth about her Grace and to find a terrible secret that could destroy all seven kingdoms. (Tina)

An abomination: that is what Gabriel’s family thinks of Shay. In Sacrifice by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz (Simon & Schuster BFYR, 2011), the mystery of Shay’s long illness has finally been solved. She is half vampire, and she will die without Gabriel’s blood. Gabriel promises Shay that his family will keep her safe. But when he brings her to them, Gabriel is shocked to discover that his family considers Shay to be an abomination, someone who does not belonging in either world, human or vampire. While Martin is trying to capture either Gabriel or one of his family members, Shay is locked away from Gabriel. Without his blood,she will die. Will Gabriel and his family survive Martin? Will Gabriel save Shay from his family? Or will Shay die before Gabriel even has a chance? Read this enticing book to find out. (Tina)

Dreams, nightmares. Janie sees them all. In Gone by Lisa Mcmann (Simon Pulse, 2010), Janie Hannagan is a dreamcatcher which means she can see into other people’s dreams. That might sound fun and cool once in a while if you can choose which dreams you go into, but Janie cannot. Nobody knows about this curse that Janie has except for Cabel, the one person with whom she trusts her secret. Janie has been living with her alcohol-addicted mother for the last 17 years, because her father left them before Janie was born. But now he has suddenly returned with a serious illness that might just kill him. Janie might find out the fate of a dreamcatcher, the secret her father’s been keeping from the world. Will she find out? Or will the secret die with Janie’s father? (Tina)


Name ________________
Div. ______
Date ___________

    One of my favourite parts in ___________________ is when  ________________________________________________ . Another one of my favourite parts is is when _________________  ________________________________________________ .

    A part that I can connect to is when _________________
________________________________________________ .
I once was ________________________________________ .

    Another part that I can connect to is when ____________
________________________________________________ .
I once was ________________________________________ .

    Overall, I can say that I enjoyed this book because so often I could connect to what was happening in the story.

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