The Periodic Table

An Element from the Periodic Table

Use this outline to write a report about one element. Don’t forget to cite your sources.

We live in a world full of technological wonders. __________________ . _________________________ . _____________________ . We look out at a world full of natural wonders. ___________________ . _________________________ . ___________________________ . But do we ever stop to think about what all these things are made of? 

Everything on our planet is made of only 92 natural elements. Everything. The ____________________ we use.  The _______________ we see outside.  All of them are made of some combination of these 92 natural elements.  __________________________ by _________________________ (______________, _________ ) tells the story of one of these amazing elements.

___________________ is … [Tell the basic facts: symbol; atomic number; mass; melting point; boiling point; density.  Tell these facts in short sentences.]

________________ is found… [Tell where the element is found on earth and whether it is found as a gas, liquid or solid.]

_______________ has some interesting qualities. [Tell unique characteristics of the element.]

________________ has been used for various purposes. [Tell both historical and current uses for the element.]

________________ is only one of the amazing elements that make up everything we see here on this earth.  So, the next time we have fun using a _______________ or looking at _________________ , let’s take a moment to remember the 92 basic elements that make up our world.



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