Writing Descriptions


The short, squat fruit catches my eye. It sits, spherical and yellowy, like an apple.  I’m drawn closer until I can smell its fragrant, sweet scent wafting through the air. It reminds me of oranges and lemons.  What will it taste like? I cautiously take a tiny chomp. My eyes bulge and my taste buds pop! Pieces, small and flavourful, attack my mouth. I love the pungent flavour. The persimmon is lovely. (Matthew in grade eight)

students will be able to write a detailed descriptive paragraph
1. Hand out large newsprint.
2. Make brainstormed lists of synonyms for . . .
– round – orange – bright – sweet
– fragrant – carefully – bite – tastes
– smells – drifting – widen – fills
3. Observe, smell and then taste a piece of food; e.g a slice of persimmon.
4. Record the words that come to mind.
5. Finally, use the ‘missing word’ sheet to write a descriptive paragraph. (Note the use of an appositive near the end.)

The _________ (adj.), ___________ (adj.)__________ (noun) ___________ (verb) my eye. It ____________ (verb), ______________ (adj.) and _______________ (adj.) , like a _____________________________ (simile). I’m drawn closer until I can smell its ____________ (adj.) , ____________ (adj.) scent _______________ (verb) through the air. It reminds me of ______________ (noun) and ____________________ (noun) . What will it taste like? I ____________ (adv.) take a tiny _____________ (noun). My eyes ____________ (verb) and my taste buds ________________ (verb) . ___________ (noun), ________ (adj.) and _________ (adj.) , _________ (verb) my mouth. I _____________________________________________________ (descriptive phrase) . _________________________________
(short, emotive sentence ) .

[This page may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2009 Sophie Rosen.]


A Small Delight
My stomach did backflips with nervousness and excitement,
as I walked through the door.
The warmth welcomed me,
causing me to forget the pouring rain behind me.
Colours sprang up from every corner,
while the aroma overwhelmed me.
As I watched them create it fresh,
my mouth watered,
as they poured the batter like silk,
or a sweet waterfall.
I stepped up to the counter,
and it was finally mine.
We walked back to the car,
and though it was cold,
I forgot all about it,
and thought of what in my hand I held.
I felt the squish and the goeyness
as I slowly savoured it,
it melted in my mouth.
It was as if I heard the hallejuah chorus,
and I hoped it would never end,
as I ate the moist, enticing fudge,
my small delight.
(Morgan in grade eight)

One of my favourite foods is the cucumber. When I see one, my mouth waters. I love how crunchy yet how soft and juicy it is. It just all goes together so well. My mom gets gets cucumbers quite often and they are always fresh. In fact, I had one today! I like to add salt to my cucumbers just to give it a bit more taste. I love biting through the green, bumpy, crunchy cover and letting the juicy surprise from inside flow into my mouth. Sometimes cucumbers smell like dirt but to me that makes them seem more fresh and, therefore, more appetizing. I love it when my mom buys small cucumbers that I can just simply snack on. I love cucumbers .I don’t think I could ever give up the delightful, crunchy, smooth, juicy and wet heaviness of them. These green rod-shaped vegetables are truly one of my favourite foods. (Riley in grade eight)

My favorite food is pizza.  The hot savory cheesy meaty aroma makes my mouth water.  Looking at the box where the pizza is held captive makes me wanna run over and tear the box right in half.  When I take my first bite of pizza, it is always one of the best days of my life.  The spicy taste of the sausage, the gooey-ness of the cheese, the tangy flavor of the sauce, the squish sound as the sauce comes out the side, the crunch of the peppers, the rough texture of the pepperoni….Pizza is so good! (Ryan in grade eight)

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