Do some research on a major advancement in medical history.

A. Choose one of these diseases for which there are vaccinations:

• anthrax                    • diphtheria                 • hepatitis A
• hepatitis B               • influenza                   • measles
• meningococcal        • mumps                      • pertussis
• polio                         • rabies                         • rubella
• smallpox                  • tetanus                       • typhoid
• tuberculosis             • varicella (chicken pox)
• yellow fever
B.  Choose at least three research sources:

Compulsory:  World Book Online

Helpful: look in the top right hand corner of World Book articles for links to other reliable sources of information.

Helpful: check for books in your school and public library. (See the links in the blogroll on the right hand side of this page.)

C.   Record your sources of information as you take your notes:

Use this guide or use a citation builder to ensure you are using the proper format.

D.  Discover some facts:

1. Is the disease caused by a virus or bacteria?
2. What are the symptoms of the disease?
3. When was the pathogen first identified?
4. Who discovered it?
5. When was a vaccination developed?
6. What has been the effect of this vaccination?
7. What are some other interesting facts?

E. Discover why vaccinations are especially important in our large global community.

F. Present your information as either a poster, a paragraph, a speech, or an essay.



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