Drawing with a Grid

Use a Grid to Help You Draw: An Easy Method

  1. Find a colouring picture you would like to draw.
  2. Print it out or cut it out.
  3. Fold it in half twice lengthwise.
  4. Unfold it.
  5. Fold it in half twice widthwise.
  6. Unfold it.
  7. Use a ruler to draw lines along your fold lines.
  8. Get a plain piece of paper that is the same shape as your picture. (E.g. If your picture is a square, your paper must be a square.)
  9. Do not fold this paper!
  10. Instead, use a ruler to find the middle of your paper both lengthwise and widthwise.
  11. Very very lightly draw lines.
  12. Use a ruler to divide each section in half again.
  13. Very very lightly draw lines.
  14. Now start drawing.
  15. Look at each little rectangle or square on your original picture.
  16. Draw it in the corresponding square on your drawing paper.
  17. Carry on until you are done.
  18. Then get out your pencil crayons and start colouring.
  19. Made the side where the light is shining be lighter in colour.
  20. Blend a blue or purple pencil crayon into the areas where your object would be in the ‘shade’.
  21. Colour lightly enough that you can blend colours.

Here are some examples drawn by middle school students:


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