Map of Middle East

Mapping the Middle East
(Use an outline map given by your teacher or find one online.)


1. Put your full name and div. no. in the top right-hand corner


2. Notice features on your map

                  a. coastline

                  b. rivers and inland bodies of water

                  c. political boundaries between countries


3. Outline the areas  before colouring (atlas or text p. 108)

                  a. mountainous areas brown

                  b. desert areas yellow

                  c. all other land green

                  d. all water blue


4. Colour

                  a. left to right orientation

                  b. appropriate colour choice

                  c. medium weight

                  d. even weight

                  e. pencil crayons


5. Label lightly in pencil (atlas or text: p. 108)

                  a. seas: Arabian, Black, Caspian, Mediterranean, Red

                   b. gulfs: Aden, Persian

                  c. rivers: Euphrates, Nile, Tigris

                  d. mountains: Elburz, Taurus, Tiharah, Zagros

                  e. deserts: Sahara, Syrian, Arabian

                  f. countries: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Oman,  

Palestine,  Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Yemen

6. Print in ink

                  a. pen or fine-liner

                  b. small and perfectly even in size

                  c. perfect spelling

                  d. left to right unless confusing


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