Analyze a Folktale

Title: ________________________

Country of Origin: ________________

1. Happened in the distant past
E.g. “Once upon a time. . . “
My story’s beginning:

2. Events or characters in threes
E.g. three bears; three pigs; three Billy goats; three days
My story’s events in threes:

3. Magic
E.g. talking animals; imaginary creatures; people sleeping for a very long time
My story’s magic:

4. Repetition
E.g. “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?” said by different characters
My story’s repetition:

5. Youngest is sometimes the hero
My story’s hero:

6. The ending is often happy
E.g.. the princess wakes up; the grandmother is rescued
My story’s ending:

7. There’s a lesson or moral
E.g.. don’t make foolish wishes; have courage; accomplish a task
My story’s lesson:

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