Organizing Priorities

Setting Priorities

You  have 168 hours in the week.
Do you use your time to meet your goals?

I. Make a weekly schedule.

Make schedule showing each day of a week in your life.  Make sure to include all activities:

A. Sleeping

B. Grooming

C. Travelling to and from places

D. School

E. Schoolwork done outside of the classroom

F. Sports and Music Practices

G. Socializing

H. Outdoor time

I. Other activities

II. Analyze your time.

A. Set your priorities in the week.

                1. Sleeping:  ____  hours
                2. Eating:  ____ hours
                3. Grooming: _____ hours
                4. Travelling to and from school and other places: _________ hours
                5. School:  30 hours
                6. Exercise: ____ hours
                7. High achiever’s  schoolwork:  _____ hours  (suggested 10 hours for gr. 8)
                8. High achiever’s  reading:  _____ hours  (suggested 10 hours  for gr. 8)               
                9. Other: _________ (e.g. babysitting, sports practice, music practice)

B. Total your prioritized hours:   ______________ hours per week

C. Calculate your discretionary hours:

                168 – prioritized hours = discretionary hours


D. Enjoy free time during your discretionary hours:

                1. Choose your activities:


                                Watch television or movies



                                Extra sports, music or reading

                                Do  art work

                2. Add up the hours to make sure you have accounted for the total number of

                                discretionary hours. You do not need to allocate time within this category.


E. Evaluate your level of achievement in areas that are your priorities.

                1. Are you doing well enough to meet your goals?

                2. If so, congratulations!  If not, move some discretionary time into your prioritized time.

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