Reflective Poems

Poems can be personal reflections…

Life is a pen,
unerasable and permanent.
Eventually the ink will run out,
leaving only its memories behind.

When I go up for the shot,
nothing else in this world seems to matter.
It doesn’t matter that
I have to go home and do hours of homework;
it doesn’t matter that
my little brother will be mad at me because I used his pencil;
it doesn’t matter that
my dad isn’t there to watch me play.
All that matters is getting the shot off in time.


Other Country
One day,
I was in my room and
I felt like there was no one in the world
except me.
One day,
I was watching something funny
but I was crying.
I don’t know why.
I was unhappy. I couldn’t smile.
But now, today,
I can be happy again,
at least more than yesterday.

 I think the point that changed my life was when I came to Canada,
because Canada is a totally different culture
from my country, South Korea.
First of all, we use different languages,
and I had a hard time learning English.
If I were still in Korea,
I would’ve just studied hard
and not really had much time much time
to hang out with friends
because of the amount of work I needed to finish.
But since I have come here,
I can enjoy all sort of sports
and hang out with friends a lot more.
I really thank my mom
for letting me come here
and, well, study English, too,
and I hope I will do something impressive
so that she will feel she made a good decision
about letting me come here.
(Eric in grade eight)


I was unhappy.
My day had not gone well.
My mom had decided to let me sleep in,
I couldn’t find my dog’s leash,
Someone finished the Mini Wheats,
I forgot my binder at home,
I hadn’t done my homework,
I forgot my lunch,
My clothes got muddy,
Someone called me names at lunch,
My mom was late picking me up,
My dog had used my room for his business,
My brothers bothered me,
There were no snacks in the pantry, not for a week,
My mom yelled at me, my dad too,
Even the dog seemed inclined to ignore me.
Finally, I’d had enough.
I went for a bike ride, only to fall a lot.
I decided to read,
Only there was no peace.
I did my homework, to later find it coloured on.
I skipped dinner and bedtime snack.
Emotionally wrecked, wracked with quiet sobs,
I went to my room,
Where my dad came and said,
“Tomorrow will be a better day.”
(a free verse poem by Argyle)


What if I were invisible?
I would be able to skip school anytime.
I would have more choices, all the time.
I could have fun.
What about my parents?
They would worry.
And my friends?
After days without them,
I would be miserable.
I guess, I prefer,
where I am now,

It didn’t make sense,
Everyone was mad at me.
I didn’t know why,
everybody makes mistakes here,
some more big than others.
But they only get mad at me,
whether they are big or tiny.
I don’t understand,
so I run upstairs,
while tears run down my face.
I go to my room and slam the door.
I open my window and sit on the roof,
Then I turn the radio on and
turn the volume high.
As I’m sitting, I think:
“I hate it here.”
But then I think of something else:
I have a sometimes loving family,
while some kids don’t even have a family.



You don’t have to be skinny to have the closest friends.
Friends are there for you no matter what you look like.
It doesn’t matter what race you are,
Whether you are tall or short,
The color of your skin,
We all aim for perfection,
But do not succeed.

People bring you down time and time again
But nobody ever notices it,
Because you always have a smile on your face.
Nothing ever goes right for you,
Classes aren’t going perfectly,
Life just seems impossible.
Just playing it cool and being yourself doesn’t work,
Because no matter what you do you are always being
Made fun of.

You are so self conscious that with every move you make you feel sick.
It’s horrible.
It feels like nobody’s there to hold you up when you’re falling,
Feels like you’re fighting for your life.

But why?
Why do people feel like this?
Why is everyone so self conscious?

Because people don’t see what is beyond the outside.
They judge you on everything, every move you make, and every word you say.
But nobody notices until you finally crack.
Everything explodes and emotions flow out like lava.

Perfection is far out of reach.
Nothing seems to help.
Every day you come home feeling like screaming.
Locking the door and never coming out.
Crying yourself asleep every night.
Nobody ever notices what is happening.
To afraid to tell someone what’s really going on.
Every thought, every opinion, every feeling is bottled up inside,
Deep in your mind and heart.

It’s time to finally stand up.
Show your true colors,
Ignore all of the rude comments, statements, and smirks.
Because you are perfect just the way you are.



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