Make a Map

Make a Map

1. Choose a topic.
E.g.: largest cities; deserts; water bodies; hot and cold places; high and low places.

2. Access your background knowledge.
Make a list of all the places your already know on your topic.

3. Get an atlas and do some research.
Use the page of contents and the index. Browse, as well.


4. Collect the names of at least 20 places on your topic.

5. Read the criteria HERE:  Map Rubric (PDF)

6. Make a very rough drawing of the world and plot your places.

7. Plan your colours.
Divide your places into categories and make a sensible colour code. Decide whether to colour the rest of the map; e.g. water: blue.

8. Make a legend on a separate sheet of paper.

9. Label and colour the world map given to you, or a world map you find online, so it matches the information on our legend.  

10. Check your criteria again and make changes as needed. 

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