30 Positive Contributors

Who are 30 people who have made a positive difference in the world?


Include people from all 4 eras:
Ancient Times
Medieval Times
Renaissance Times
Post-Renaissance Times
Include information from 5 categories:
Who (name commonly used)
When (century of birth or century of accomplishment, but be consistent)
Where (nationality or country of origin, but be consistent)
What (accomplishments)
Why (important effect on humanity)

Add memorable details:
1. Illustrations
2. Colour-coding
– system of your choice
– e.g. underline each era with a different colour
– e.g. underline each area of discipline with a different colour (art, science, politics…)
– provide a small key to explain your coding system

Add a bibliography of all your sources of information.

An example of a Renaissance person:
Johann Gutenberg
– 15th c.
– German
– invented printing press
– led to…
– widespread rdg.
– questioning authority
1. May I give the dates of birth and death?  No, give only the century.
2. May I write this in sentence or paragraph form?  No, it must be in the form of jot notes.
3. May I use the name of a people, such as ‘the Romans’, instead of the name of a person?  Yes.
4. May I use abbreviations?  Yes. In fact, abbr. are preferred.
5. Must I indent to show sections of information?  If you want to earn outstanding marks, yes.
6. Do I have to include a bibliography? If you want to earn outstanding marks, yes.
7. What sources of information do you suggest?  Your textbook, library books, and websites.
8. May I see the marking rubric?  Yes, click HERE.


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