Key Sentence Summary

Key Sentence Summary of an Article

A. Plan (ask questions)
1. Why does your teacher want you to read this article?
2. How many sentences are you expected to copy?

B. Prepare (find the article)
Record the citation information using the recommended format.

C. Research  (record the key sentences)
As you read through the article, copy the sentences you think are most important for helping you reaching the goal set by your teacher. Write down the page numbers if applicable.

D. Think (analyze your information)
Now go back and use a bright colour to highlight or underline the key words or phrases in your sentences.

E. Arrange (record the key words)
1. Decide what type of visual organizer to use; e.g. illustration, web, mindmap, chart, timeline.
2. Create a visual organizer that shows all your key words.
3. Use colour to show how different parts are related.

F. Summarize
1. Look at your organizer and think about how you can turn your information into an interesting mini-speech.
2. Think about what style you will use to attract listeners.
3. Write a five-to-ten-sentence speech.

G. Get Credit
1. Perform your speech in front of the class.
2. Hand in all your written work for this assignment to your teacher.
3. Send a copy of your speech to your teacher-librarian, Ms. Rosen.

[This page may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2009 Sophie Rosen.]

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