Math Videos

(Note: the links to the videos will take you away from Ms.RosenReads. While I recommend the sites as I saw them, MsRosenReads cannot be responsible for the continued content or continued availability of other sites. If you encounter a problem, please contact me.)

These are short videos that move quickly, so use some strategies to help you learn:

– pause frequently and think about what you just heard

– pause and take notes as you are watching

– watch a video several times

Place Value

Rounding Numbers

Arithmetic: Basic Operations

Division with Whole Numbers

Division with 2-Digit Whole Numbers

Order of Operations (or BEDMAS)

Decimal Place Value

Working with Decimals

Fractions are Division

Types of Fractions

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions



Prime Factorization


Percents and Equivalent Fractions

What Percent Is It?

Negative Numbers


Add and Subtract Integers

Metric Measurement


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