Informal Essay

    Write an Informal Essay

You need neither an introductory nor a concluding paragraph.Just write three main paragraphs using one of the outlines below.In each paragraph, give at least three examples to prove your point.


        History is the story of adventures: travels and travails. Paul, in Word to Caesar, had many adventures….
        Severus, Paul’s friend, preferred adventures of the mind…. (tip: use the quotation from p. 47)
        I, myself, prefer….

Paul’s Journey to Maturity

Paul, in Word to Caesar, is a self-centred boy at the beginning of the novel.
By the end of the novel, Paul has become much wiser. (tip: tell how Paul shows qualities from the Bridge of Character on his journey)
Overall, this is the biggest change I see in Paul. (tip: tell why this change is so important)

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