Making Connections


1. This information reminds me of something that happened to me.

2. I can remember how this information is like something I’ve read elsewhere.

3. I can give details about how this information relates to my own experiences.

4. I can give details about how this information relates to important issues in life.

5. I can write about how this information relates to my own ideas and other people’s ideas.

6. I can explain different ways of thinking about this information and help others understand it.


Gale, a character’s friend in my book, is a clever person and a heroic hunter. He always looks for improvement and is courageous and kind. He helps out neighbors and befriends them along the way. Many hardships break him down in the book, from Katniss being forced back into the Hunger Games to being forced to live in another district. Even after all these misfortunes, Gale doesn’t get discouraged. He does his best to protect his both his and Katniss’s family even in the toughest of situations. Whether he likes a task or not, he always does it for the sake of others.  I would want Gale as a friend. I imagine Gale would be able to help me through tough situations because of his life experience. I wish I could be friends with Gale even though he is a made up character from a book. I still am hoping for the best as I continue reading the rest of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. (Tyler)




Rylant, Cynthia. Scarecrow. Harcourt Brace, 1998. (Illustrated by Lauren Stringer.)
Key concepts: patience, peace, self-acceptance, adventure, wonder.

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