Title Page

Title Page


  1. Printing skills     N   M-   M   M+ F

     – title: 4 cm. high

     – name/div.: 2 cm. high

     – centred on page

     – in fine liner blue or black ink

     – consistent slant; even height; neatly formed


  1. Drawing skills N   M-   M   M+ F

     – copied illustration on board

     – enclosed in box

     – box outlined with fine liner pen


  1. Colouring skills N   M-   M   M+ F

     – felt markers or pencil crayons

     – even weight

     – colouring in direction of movement

     – warmer colours to bring objects closer

     – cooler colours to recede objects


  1. Layout skills   N   M- M   M+   F

     – invisible border around the edges

     – labels and illus. close to each other but not touching each other

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