Appositive Poems


Powerful writing often includes appositives, words or phrases that describe what comes before.  Sentences with appositives can sometimes be written as poems, especially if there are several appositives, one after another.


The firefighter,
    compassionate and valorous,
    heroic and glorified,
    humble and devoted,
    inspiring and altruist,
– Saniya, grade eight



The enemy,
tall and grim,
fierce and muscular,
standing erect in his uniform,
with clutched rifle and a dead look in his eyes,
charges forward.
– Ann, grade eight

My cute cat,
                  shiny with a silver coat,
                  fluffy with fine down,
                  creeping up to a scrawny crow,
                  springing up with its small paws,
                  swooping down where prey lies,
                  lashing the air with tiny claws,
                  turning to me and yowling “Meow!”,
sure is a funny feline.
– Isabel, grade eight

My dog,
galloping through the rain,
galloping through the freezing rain,
galloping with his dog friends through the freezing rain,
yells with joy.
– Jake,  grade eight

The sun,
light and shining,
bright and beautiful,
as time goes by,
becomes a light of wonder sinking into the earth.

– Jonathon, grade eight

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