Alexander and the Terrible…

Title: Alexander and the Terrible…Day
Author: Judith Viorst
Illustrator: Ray Cruz

Let’s analyze the events and emotions in this classic picture book.

First event: gum in hair
emotion: mad
conclusion: the whole day will be bad (foolish)

Second event: not toy in cereal box
emotion: disappointed
conclusion: he’ll run away (foolish)

Third event: ignored in the car
emotion: alone
conclusion: the whole day will be bad (foolish)

Fourth event: the teacher doesn’t like what he does
emotion: sad
conclusion: the whole day will be bad (foolish)

Final conclusion which his mother tells him:
some days a lot of bad things happen but there’s no need to worry; life is like that for everyone; life will get better again (wise)

Life lesson: We have no control over events. We often don’t have control over our emotions either because they come so quickly. But we do have control over the conclusions we make. We can make wise conclusions or foolish conclusions. Those are our choices.

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