Logical Connections

Can you logically make connections between ideas?

Use these words to make sure your meaning is clear.


CONTRAST: but,  however,  even so, nevertheless, on the other hand, whereas, yet, although

COMPARE: just as, just like, likewise, similarly, in the same way

LIST: also, in addition, furthermore, moreover, and

CAUSE-EFFECT: as a result, so, therefore, thus, because, consequently,

SEQUENCE: subsequently, then, later, afterward, next, first, second, last, finally

EXAMPLE: for example, for instance, such as

SUMMARY: in conclusion, in short, to summarize


Tip: avoid the use of ‘then’. It generally weakens writing. 

Tip: Only use a transition word if necessary to clarify the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Much of the time, you need transition words only in your drafts so as to ensure you are thinking clearly. When you write your polished version, you can often omit those words, especially ‘then’.

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