Descriptive Sentences



STEP ONE: Picture the scene.  

STEP TWO: Write a simple sentence.

STEP THREE: Add some tricks of powerful language.  (Click HERE to find a list of tricks.)


“The tantalizing peach slices fall into my famished, ferocious, lion of a mouth.” 

“Strawberries are so luscious; I pop one in my mouth; take a bite; and a burst of flavour comes thrashing out, like a gift from heaven.”

“I sank my vicious teeth into the wonderful slice of sweet heaven, and the juices flowed down my cheeks like frightened angels trying to escape a dark cave.”

“I imagine eating corn on the cob fresh from a farm, eating it typewriter style: click, click, click, brrinngg!”

“Nutritious foods–strawberries, salmon, salmonberries–taste like ballerinas dancing on my tongue; they fall down my gullet and burst with energy in my flavour-filled stomach.”

“A contract is like roses; it may look wonderful and innocent at first, but once you’ve got it, it stabs you with its vicious thorns.”

“The rain is falling slowly and silently from the clouds; falling and splashing water everywhere.”
“I sprinted outside, out into the cold; as I did, I felt the spray of rain on my face.”

“Today the clouds are out and the rain is falling; there’s nothing nice about it; the rain keeps falling from the sky, hitting the roof of the school; it’s terrible.”

“Big drop of rain are falling from the mysterious sky, like oil trickling for a dirty pan; a storm is coming.”

“The soft pitter-patter of rain is soothing, as though a million pellets of water are slowly working their way to the ground.”

“I saunter through the damp grass, beads of clear liquid tickling my feet; I pause to open my mouth and sample some of the droplets of water descending from the heavens on this murky day.”

“The wonderful misty rain is falling down from heaven like little diamonds, splashing on the ground like a waterfall.”

“Today, buckets of glossy water are streaming down to the earth like rivers in the sky; they hit a jungle of grass with a slight pitter-patter, and then, quickly, dissolve into the earth.”

“Today, the wispy wet water is streaming down from the sky, like honey slipping off a spoon.”

“Drops of rain exit the pillowcases, drowsily float like feathers, soar in many directions.”

“It is raining today; the crystal clear raindrops hit the ground silently.”

“It’s a dim, gluey, rainy day that feels like dark green, sticky frogs are on my skin.”

“Water drips from the sky seeping into the sopping earth, gushing gooey mud into the giant trough that’s ready to overflow; the little piglets jump, play and roll around in the mushy muck, and beads of raindrops form on their scraggly hair like a spider’s web in the morning dew.”

“The lapis lazuli raindrops slowly sprinkle down upon the emerald earth, like pulchritudinous tears trickling from a giant’s eyes.”

“The rain is coming down from the dark heavy sky; as it hits the roof, the windows, the ground, it explodes, making everything wet.”

“It is drizzling today, and a soft breeze is quietly whistling as the rain gently drip-drops, soft as feathers, on the school roof.”

“I felt apple juice running down my throat from that juicy, sweet apple that I took a huge bite out of, that dark red fruit of life.”

Mountain biking, insane and incredible with bikers boosting off of jumps the size of buses, is exhilarating. (Dane)

Terry Fox, the strong cancer fighter, is running across Canada like a cheetah with a limp. (Emily)

Shopping, a great way to spend free time, is my favourite thing to do and is as addicting as eating a sweet candy. (Agnes)

Skiing, filled with steep slopes and gnarly jumps, is extremely fun. (Nick R.)

Shrek, big fat Shrek, strong and ugly, is loudly roaring like a furious tiger. (Anton)

 My dog, my psychotic, entertaining and energetic dog who adores running, digging and playing, is as hyper as a child. (Michael)

Biking, filled with jumps and dangerously steep hills and massive drops and more jumps, is as exhilarating as flying. (Josh)



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  1. Hello! Thank-you so much for showing me your website. I am going to do these lessons with my class this week (although I’m going to change the sentences so that they are about spring instead).


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